Hermetic Sliding Doors – Fire Rated

by Dortek

The door has a unique patented track system which enables it to seal perfectly when closed helping to reduce air handling costs, cross contamination and wound infections. Faced with ledge-free HPL they are easy to clean requiring minimal maintenance.

Sliding doors require less valuable space than hinged doors and when operated produce less air disturbance making them ideal for hospital environments where hygiene is a priority.

The spread of infection can be minimised with door automations and touchless sensors.

  • Dortek Hermetic Sliding Doors - 30 Minute Fire Rated
  • Dortek Hermetic Sliding Doors - 60 Minute Fire Rated
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Width User Defined
Height User Defined
Depth 40mm - 60mm


12 Months

Serial Number(s)

Hermetic Sliding - Fire Rated

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Approved Geometry

Approved Geometry

100% Native Format

100% Native Format

IFC Data Compliance

IFC Data Compliance