Are you a Designer?

We built BIMBox for you. With a focus on interior products rather than building elements you can be certain that BIMBox families will help you populate your projects in record time and bring your designs to life.


All families built by BIMBox are detailed, intelligent and built to support the design process – with all of the embedded data needed to support PAS1192, COBie and OpEx FM requirements. Our modellers are Autodesk Certified, with years of experience in architecture, interior design, engineering and MEP under their belts. This puts us in the best possible position to not only understand how to build intelligent BIM families, but to deliver them too.

With this in mind, we created BIMBox with one singular aim:
to be the best resource for quality interior BIM families on the Internet.



We make sure that every family that we build is fully PAS-1192 complaint and contains data to support COBie whilst carefully representing each products appearance.



We’ll ensure that the files we produce are suitable for today’s technology, representing the perfect balance between filesize, quality and detail, and in turn making sure that your drawings & images look the best they can. We are an open service and are very happy to host families built elsewhere. We know that time is precious so to ensure that you don’t waste valuable time downloading unsuitable files we’ve added photographs of each product and screenshots of their BIM family equivalents so you can review them before downloading. In addition we’ve added icons that demonstrate whether the geometry is approved, the format is 100% native or if the data is complete to support COBie.

Subscribing to BIMBox gives you guaranteed access to the entirety of our library of premium quality free BIM families, making sure that you stay at the forefront of your market.








We are constantly adding new content and manufacturers to our library, and subscribers to our newsletter will be the first to hear about new additions just as they go live. If you need a particular manufacturers product please use the form below and we’ll let them know that their products are in demand.