How does BIMBox work?

My company already has BIM objects, can I host them on BIMBox?

Yes, we are very happy to host content built elsewhere. To help our users though we have a few icons on the product pages that indicate the standards to which each family is built – and if you need existing content upgrading we’re happy to help.

What do the icons on the product pages represent?

Approved Geometry – This icon indicates that the object has been checked against its real world counterpart by both BIMBox and the Manufacturer and is within acceptable tolerances.

100% Native Format – This icon indicates that the family has been built from scratch in the authoring software and doesn’t contain any imported DWG or similar geometry. Families built in their native format are generally lighter and have greater functionality.

IFC Data Compliance – This icon indicates that the family has all the correct embedded data to support ‘Level 2 BIM’, COBie (a subset of IFC) and the requirements of PAS1192.

How much does this cost?

The good news is that downloads are completely FREE for designers and specifiers. If you’re a manufacturer there is a fee for content creation if you don’t currently have objects and an annual hosting charge – it’s pretty reasonable and should deliver a fantastic ROI. Please get in contact we will be happy to talk you through the process of getting ‘BIM-Ready’.

How detailed are the objects?

What formats do you support?

We are happy to host or create families in any of the major BIM formats.

…but why is it mostly Revit?

Well because quite honestly that’s the format we’ve been most frequently asked to produce families in so far. We would be happy to host or build content in other BIM formats.

What Level of Detail (LOD) do you work to?

All the content built by BIMBox exceeds Industry Standards and contains all the embedded data required to support COBie and Level 2 BIM. As we’re designers at heart and still value a good looking drawing we like to think our modelling is up there with the best in the industry. As a very general guide our content would be equivalent to LOD 350 as defined by BIM Forum (April 2015).

Getting help

I’ve got a BIM requirement/project/problem but it’s not related to content. Can you help?

Yes! Our sister company BIMBox Consulting ( are BIM experts and are working to support Architects, Manufacturers, Contractors and Government Departments reduce cost, risk and time spent on projects though the application of practical, agile and appropriate BIM support. Give them a call.

Can we purchase the products from you?

Please contact the manufacturers directly for purchases – I’m sure they’d love to hear from you. We’ve included links to their websites on each of the product pages to help you get to the right people.

I can’t see what I need.

Please get in contact and tell us what you’d like to see on BIMBox. We are really grateful for all feedback and are more than happy to get in contact with manufacturers to see if they have any BIM plans.